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A free technology advisory service for IT Leaders

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How do you stay current with emerging products & services in our fast-moving profession?

What small-cap company can afford to have a world-class IT team of experts to scan the technology marketplace?

HINT: You can!

How can you make sure that your IT team is aware of new technologies & products truly relevant to your specific needs?

We can help!

Is this the same as the advisory services from Gartner, Forrester etc?

Absolutely not!

Our group of former global CIOs shares a common ethos – to give back to the IT profession that has been so good to us. So we offer you a totally free service to help you stay up to date with emerging technology products and services, specifically tailored to your unique business situation. It also happens to be a clever way to fund three deserving tech charities.
  • A totally free service for company IT leaders who cannot afford to spend a lot of resources on tech scanning
  • Over 20 former Fortune 200 CIOs interpreting the emerging technology needs of your company
  • Over 350 subject matter experts scouring the market looking for relevant emerging technologies
  • Personalized matching based on solid understanding of your need

TACI was created as a Veteran Owned non-profit organization to serve corporate America while donating 100% of our profits to assist the IT profession.

By using our free service, you will succeed in appearing really smart to your business colleagues, while at the same time you will be helping to fund worthy charitable causes.

Trusted Advisors to Senior IT Executives

How it works

  • We utilize our network of over 350 volunteer experts to research the marketplace. We have teams of experts in Silicon Valley, the Boston/DC corridor, Research Triangle, and other incubators of emerging technology.
  • We have developed an AI-based system that automatically matches your business imperatives to a range of exceptional new solutions.
  • Matches are vetted and approved by our team of former global CIOs.
  • Once a match is made, an appointment is arranged between you and that product company for a succinct briefing.
  • That session can be in-person or by phone; with you and/or one or more of your direct reports.
  • The vendor pays a fee for each session, and 100% of the net proceeds go to fund three deserving charities – SIM, WITI and Year-Up.
  • So all you are committing to is a free briefing of 30-60 mins. at your convenience, around once per month, until you choose to stop.

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