The Millennium Alliance and The Advisory Council International team up to offer unique new service to the IT community

New York, December 15, 2015 — The Millennium Alliance (TMA) and The Advisory Council International (TACI) are teaming up to help bridge the gap between C-level IT buyers and IT sellers, and donate the profits to charity.

TACI’s new “Pay-IT-Forward” model is the first of its kind for the IT industry. Senior IT executives and their teams are challenged with keeping up to date with the accelerated pace of new emerging technologies. Emerging vendors are equally challenged with communicating their message to the IT marketplace.

To solve this dilemma, TACI has created a new model that connects the two sides. This service is free of charge to IT organizations, while 100% of the net proceeds from providers are donated to charity. Here’s how it works:

A win for TMA members: TACI’s team of former CIOs and industry experts continue to stay up to date on cool technology solutions, mostly through their extensive work with venture-capital and private-equity companies. They will work with each member to identify their specific needs, and then arrange a 1-1 briefing session about once a month to discuss a new product or service that meets said needs.

A win for emerging technology companies, who get access to senior buy-side executives with pre-qualified needs.

A win for charities: 100% of the net sponsorship proceeds from the sell-side will go to deserving technology charities such as Year-Up, the Society for Information Management, and Women In Technology International.

“This partnership provides a double benefit. It allows us to extend our network and, more importantly, it increases our ability to donate to worthy IT-related charities,” says Al Guibord, TACI Co-Founder and President.

“In order to develop and grow as a leader, collaboration and commitment to purpose must be constant, which is why we have teamed up with The Advisory Council International, a group of former global Fortune 100 CIOs, to provide our members with a ‘win/win/win’,” says Alex Sobol, TMA Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

The Millennium Alliance provides a framework, consisting of Assemblies, Need Analysis and Executive Education, for its member communities made up of Fortune 500 CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and CMOs across a variety of industries.

The Advisory Council International was created by a group of former CIOs to provide leadership coaching and mentoring, strategic guidance, and technology vision to IT organizations.

For more information about Pay-IT-Forward please visit:


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