PRESS RELEASE: TAC Announces TACwizard™

Michael Greene
Phone: +1 781 791 9582 x709
Fax: +1 781 998 3095

TAC Announces TACwizard™, a Unique Advisory Service which Answers Your Questions with TAC’s Expert Practitioners On-Demand

Salem, New Hampshire — TAC is pleased to announce the upcoming release of TACwizard on March 10, 2015 at 8:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This one-of-a-kind advisory service is designed to bring Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™) and TAC’s private network of expert practitioners to the public, with no risk and exceptional value.

“Never has an on-demand service like this been offered to the public. With TACwizard, we’ve opened up our private network of vetted expert practitioners to literally anyone with a question about any aspect of strategic, tactical, operational or functional IT. Simply asking your question at our new portal,, will bring you the full force and power of our expert network with a custom-written answer in roughly three days. With aggressive, introductory pricing under $300, TACwizard is the lowest cost, highest value advisory service ever,” said TAC Vice President Michael Greene.

About TAC

Founded in 2002, TAC (The Advisory Council) brings its unique Expertise-as-a-Service, the next logical step in the XaaS revolution, to the enterprise. The EaaS solution-delivery model gives clients access to TAC’s wide array of services, tools and workshops designed to help CIOs and IT managers reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase the status of IT in the boardroom. The EaaS mission is to provide first-hand, actionable information, advice, and expertise in the context of clients’ specific IT organizations. The TAC Expert Network provides clients on-demand access to one of the world’s largest vetted networks of practicing IT experts. With hundreds of CIOs, authors, patent holders, thought leaders, and independent consultants, TAC delivers the right answer to clients’ questions in the right context, “right now.”

For additional information, contact:
Michael Greene
Phone: +1 781 791 9582 x709
Fax: +1 781 998 3095
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