The Real Cost of Lead Generation

Lead generation has long been touted as a quick way to gain new business. The cost vs. yield curve for lead generation services proves that they are both expensive and ineffective. We have taken a look at the real costs involved as well as the pitfalls. This podcast is designed to provide an analytical case to help you better understand these offerings.

For more information see Pay-IT-Forward for IT Suppliers.

The Millennium Alliance and The Advisory Council International team up to offer unique new service to the IT community

New York, December 15, 2015 — The Millennium Alliance (TMA) and The Advisory Council International (TACI) are teaming up to help bridge the gap between C-level IT buyers and IT sellers, and donate the profits to charity.

TACI’s new “Pay-IT-Forward” model is the first of its kind for the IT industry. Senior IT executives and their teams are challenged with keeping up to date with the accelerated pace of new emerging technologies. Emerging vendors are equally challenged with communicating their message to the IT marketplace.

To solve this dilemma, TACI has created a new model that connects the two sides. This service is free of charge to IT organizations, while 100% of the net proceeds from providers are donated to charity. Here’s how it works:

A win for TMA members: TACI’s team of former CIOs and industry experts continue to stay up to date on cool technology solutions, mostly through their extensive work with venture-capital and private-equity companies. They will work with each member to identify their specific needs, and then arrange a 1-1 briefing session about once a month to discuss a new product or service that meets said needs.

A win for emerging technology companies, who get access to senior buy-side executives with pre-qualified needs.

A win for charities: 100% of the net sponsorship proceeds from the sell-side will go to deserving technology charities such as Year-Up, the Society for Information Management, and Women In Technology International.

“This partnership provides a double benefit. It allows us to extend our network and, more importantly, it increases our ability to donate to worthy IT-related charities,” says Al Guibord, TACI Co-Founder and President.

“In order to develop and grow as a leader, collaboration and commitment to purpose must be constant, which is why we have teamed up with The Advisory Council International, a group of former global Fortune 100 CIOs, to provide our members with a ‘win/win/win’,” says Alex Sobol, TMA Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

The Millennium Alliance provides a framework, consisting of Assemblies, Need Analysis and Executive Education, for its member communities made up of Fortune 500 CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and CMOs across a variety of industries.

The Advisory Council International was created by a group of former CIOs to provide leadership coaching and mentoring, strategic guidance, and technology vision to IT organizations.

For more information about Pay-IT-Forward please visit:

TAC International Co-Founders to Keynote Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit

Kicking off the eighth annual Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit, June 16–17, 2015 in New York City, will be TAC International co-founder & CEO, and World BPO/ITO Forum chairman, Jim Noble. You may know him as the former CIO of giants GM, AOL Time Warner, Merrill Lynch, BP, and Philip Morris. Together with his colleague Alan Guibord, TAC International co-founder & president, they will set the stage with “The Technology Climate — Clouds & Shadows.”

About the Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit

This exclusive executive summit is the premier gathering of C-suite and sourcing executives to meet and discuss the current and future state of sourcing IT and business processes, share valuable lessons learned, and exchange insights regarding trends in cloud services, shared services, business agility, cyber security, data sovereignty and vendor management.

Jim Noble, TAC International Co-Founder and CEO, to Speak at Seattle Technology Leadership Summit

Jim Noble, TAC International co-founder and CEO, will be a keynote speaker at the Seattle Technology Leadership Summit, May 20, hosted by the Seattle Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SIM). He will speak about “What Your Bosses Think about IT, and Why You Should Care.”

Attendees will find the Seattle Technology Leadership Summit to be beneficial through the information received, relationships generated, and exciting keynote line-up. The Technology Leadership Summit will enable attendees to connect with fellow executives and learn from industry leading professionals on how to drive their business, featuring:

  • Keynote speakers on leadership and cutting edge IT topics
  • Interactive breakout sessions with national and local experts
  • Ample networking opportunities with their peers from throughout the region

Participation in this annual event expected to top over 200 executives again this year.

Jim is widely recognized as one of the world’s thought leaders in achieving worthwhile business results from investments in IT. Jim is the only person to have been voted “CIO of the Year” in both Europe and North America. In 2012 Jim won CIO Magazine’s award for the innovative use of technology. Jim has advised governments and heads of state on technology strategy, and helps teach the next generation of IT leaders at Columbia University (New York) and the University of Calgary (Haskayne Business School). Jim was also Dean of the IT Academy at General Motors and BP. His book The CIO’s Secret Playbook is scheduled for publication in 2015.

Alan Guibord, TAC International Co-Founder and President, to Speak at Cyber Security Summit

Alan Guibord, TAC International co-founder and president, will be the featured speaker at Black Diamond Networks’ 2015 Cyber Security Summit, May 20, Columbus, Ohio. His session will focus on corporate “Duty of Care,” and how CIOs and CISOs could be held personally accountable for security breaches.

In this interactive session, Alan will discuss topics such as:

  • How do you ensure adequate protection against risk?
  • What should be included in a cyber-security reaction plan?
  • What guidelines should you follow for securing your company?
  • What is the next frontier in cyber security?

Alan has been working in the cyber-security area at several roles, consulting to some of the world’s largest companies. He is an expert advisor to NYSE member firms, the Financial Times of London, and the New York Institute of Finance.

For more information about this complimentary event, contact us, or e-mail Dave Nixon,

PRESS RELEASE: The Society for Information Management (SIM) and The Advisory Council International (TACI) announce an alliance

For Immediate Release
Catherine Ramsden
The Advisory Council International
Phone: +1 203 663 3888 x711

Veronica Sullivan
Society for Information Management
Phone: +1 856 380 6859

Mount Laurel, NJ, March 17, 2015 — SIM and TACI have created a unique alliance whereby TACI will provide its products and services to SIM members. Profits generated from the alliance will be returned to SIM chapters to assist in expanding that organization’s outreach to IT practitioners, as well as to increase SIM membership through TACI’s network of CIOs.

“We are all about SIM Chapters and how we can help Chapters develop,” says Steve Hufford, SIM CEO. “This is a great opportunity for Chapters to get access to top-notch leaders as well as engage some excellent speakers for Chapter meetings.”

“TAC International was created as a not-for-profit with the goal of advancing the IT profession. This alliance provides us with the opportunity to give back to our profession in a constructive way,” says Jim Noble, TACI CEO and former SIM President.

About the Society for Information Management

SIM is an association of senior IT executives, prominent academicians, selected consultants, and other IT thought leaders built on the foundation of local chapters, who come together to share and enhance their rich intellectual capital for the benefit of its members and their organizations. Since 1969, SIM has inspired the minds of the most prestigious IT leaders in the industry. Highly regarded as the premier network for IT leadership, SIM is a community of thought leaders who share experiences and rich intellectual capital, and who explore future IT direction.

About The Advisory Council International

The Advisory Council International aspires to be the trusted business strategy and career advisor to senior IT executives and boards of directors worldwide in helping them succeed in their chosen business. The TAC International Executive Advisory Team consists of world-class practitioner coaches (or recently retired practitioners) who themselves have been global CIOs of Fortune 200 companies. These elite coaches provide insights and wisdom that can only come from a lifetime of work at the business end of the IT profession (i.e., not as consultants or analysts). The coaches have priority call on TAC’s hundreds of IT experts, and can help engage them to address technical issues on their client’s behalf.

For additional information, contact:
Catherine Ramsden
The Advisory Council International
Phone: +1 203 663 3888 x711

Veronica Sullivan
Society for Information Management
Phone: +1 856 380 6859

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PRESS RELEASE: TAC Announces TACwizard™

Michael Greene
Phone: +1 781 791 9582 x709
Fax: +1 781 998 3095

TAC Announces TACwizard™, a Unique Advisory Service which Answers Your Questions with TAC’s Expert Practitioners On-Demand

Salem, New Hampshire — TAC is pleased to announce the upcoming release of TACwizard on March 10, 2015 at 8:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This one-of-a-kind advisory service is designed to bring Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™) and TAC’s private network of expert practitioners to the public, with no risk and exceptional value.

“Never has an on-demand service like this been offered to the public. With TACwizard, we’ve opened up our private network of vetted expert practitioners to literally anyone with a question about any aspect of strategic, tactical, operational or functional IT. Simply asking your question at our new portal,, will bring you the full force and power of our expert network with a custom-written answer in roughly three days. With aggressive, introductory pricing under $300, TACwizard is the lowest cost, highest value advisory service ever,” said TAC Vice President Michael Greene.

About TAC

Founded in 2002, TAC (The Advisory Council) brings its unique Expertise-as-a-Service, the next logical step in the XaaS revolution, to the enterprise. The EaaS solution-delivery model gives clients access to TAC’s wide array of services, tools and workshops designed to help CIOs and IT managers reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase the status of IT in the boardroom. The EaaS mission is to provide first-hand, actionable information, advice, and expertise in the context of clients’ specific IT organizations. The TAC Expert Network provides clients on-demand access to one of the world’s largest vetted networks of practicing IT experts. With hundreds of CIOs, authors, patent holders, thought leaders, and independent consultants, TAC delivers the right answer to clients’ questions in the right context, “right now.”

For additional information, contact:
Michael Greene
Phone: +1 781 791 9582 x709
Fax: +1 781 998 3095
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TAC International Partners with the New York Institute of Finance

July 15, 2014

Leading financial education training provider, the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF), today announced a partnership with The Advisory Council International (TAC-Int) to jointly develop a comprehensive suite of briefing materials and instructional courses around today’s pressing cybersecurity threats.

TAC-Int is a unique group of more than 25 former Chief Information Officers from Fortune 200 companies who now work with leading information technology executives and boards of directors to improve data and information security procedures. Working with NYIF, TAC-Int will use the same approach taken in their individual consulting to develop specialized newsletters, webinars, e-learning modules and in-person (classroom) training.

Through this partnership, students at NYIF will benefit from the experience of some of the world’s most preeminent cybersecurity experts. Insights will be delivered via regular subscriber briefings, webinars, E-learning courses and traditional class education beginning in August. The core concepts include SEC compliance readiness and identity theft management. Courses will include the fundamental basics for new company starters and strategic planning implementation for key compliance officers in detection, prevention and reaction readiness.

Jim Noble, co-founder of TAC-Int and former CIO for Merrill Lynch and BP, said the partnership aims to boost awareness and understanding at all levels of organizations, but in particular senior management and boards.

“Dealing with cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today,” Noble said. “Most incidents are not detected until days or even months after they occur, with damages that can reach into the millions of dollars. In working with the NYIF, we’re aiming to guide the financial services industry to develop their own policies and procedures to prepare, contain and respond effectively to external threats.”

According to Lee Arthur, Managing Director, New York Institute of Finance & Execsense, NYIF’s subscription-based learning approach will ensure organizations are kept abreast of the most up-to-date information and guidance.

“The partnership with The Advisory Council reflects our simple philosophy for real world education delivered by the leading professionals in their respective fields. This way we can deliver content that is relevant, up-to-date and responsive to the issues facing companies in the financial services sector. We are extremely excited to be working with The Advisory Council to create educational material that will hopefully play a valuable role in companies best practice cyber-crime procedures,” said Arthur.

About New York Institute of Finance

With a history dating back more than 90 years, the New York Institute of Finance is a global leader in training for the financial services and related industries with course topics covering investment banking, securities, retirement income planning, insurance, mutual funds, financial planning, finance and accounting, and lending. The New York Institute of Finance has a faculty of industry leaders and offers a range of program delivery options including self-study, online and in classroom.

TAC International and WITI Form Key Global Alliance for Women in Technology

March 5, 2014

TAC International (TAC-Int) and Women in Technology International (WITI) announce a joint partnership designed to generate new revenue for WITI, increase membership, and provide WITI with TAC-Int’s wide range of coaching, research, advisory, consulting, performance measurement and organizational development products and services. As part of this alliance, WITI members will be given preferential pricing on all services, the proceeds of which will be donated back to WITI to help fund their chapter growth and outreach efforts.

“This partnership gives us the opportunity to provide the highest quality of services to WITI members while being able to substantially assist them with their growth and financial resources,” stated Jim Noble, Director, TAC-Int.

“WITI’s mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity. TAC-Int and WITI share these same objectives and this alliance will extend WITI’s reach into the IT community in 2014 and beyond,” stated Carolyn Leighton, Founder and CEO, WITI.

About Women in Technology International (WITI)

WITI ( is the world’s leading trade association for professional, tech-savvy women committed to using technology, resources and connections to advance women worldwide. With a global network of exceptionally successful women leaders, WITI has established powerful strategic alliances and programs to provide resources, and opportunities within a supportive environment of women committed to helping each other succeed. WITI’s mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity. WITI Boston, the original connection for TAC-Int, is one of several global, yet local, networks. WITI Boston endeavors to carry forth WITI’s goals and mission throughout the technology and business community of Boston, MA.

TAC International Leaders to Present at SIM International’s SIMposium

October 7, 2013

TAC Founder Alan Guibord and TAC International Director Jim Noble will present a session entitled “The Evolving Role of the CIO (and Why You Should Care)” at the Society for Information Management (SIM) International SIMposium in Boston, November 10–12.

The role of the CIO is one of the most challenging on the leadership team. Business expectations of tangible results are rising fast, yet the CIO often lacks responsibility for business outcomes. In this session, Jim and Al will describe some of the tricks of the trade that help IT leaders succeed (and survive!) as organizations move from “Old IT” to “New IT.”

SIMposium is the event where influential CIOs, CTOs and senior IT executives gather for peer-to-peer interaction, education, leadership development, and networking opportunities. Building on the past success of this event, SIMposium provides a growing opportunity to share best practices, develop alliances, and build a network among the best in the industry.